Have fun with this page. Just click on any song link, and you'll be taken to a page that includes an online player showcasing the song, a brief comment about the song, and my fave- images of my actual hand-written notes/lyrics, if I kept them (check out some of the "stationary" used) and sheets of the complete lyrics (including chords- although some may take issue with the chord choices at times, but hey-to each their own. And nothing's ever carved in stone). Just a tip- if you want a closer look at a lyric page, just click on any page and you will  zoom in closer, and then you can tab between pages. Just don't critique my handwriting, please! (Hey- I can read it, at least). Every song with lyric sheets included is highlighted in Bold Green- with others to come in the future. Future ideas to include- more "early" versions of some of the songs for comparison (insightful, at times). Anything else you may like to see, just email and I'll see if it's a possibility.  Denny.


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