Whatever It Seems.mp3

Written back in '95, but no demo completed for a few years- somewhere, there's probably a cassette recording from a home recording session, but can't say where it is. This one was recorded a little differently- same FastTrack input, but I think I used the included Ableton Live 4 record studio (upgraded for free to Live 5) and the effects, guitar and vocal both, come from that computer program. It did have it's limitations, though, but got me started into putting a hardcopy down of some of my music. Thought about re-doing it when I got my Sony Acid Music Studio program, but found I had a soft spot for the ethereal vocal and guitar sound- so, I kept it as is. For now, anyway. If I'm correct, it's the oldest recording of one of my songs that I kept as-is without updating. And the sentiments still hold true- whatever it takes to keep this feeling and connection we have, let's do it. Too many people in this world just take personal relationships for granted. But anything worth keeping is worth working for. Should be able to look back and say: "Seems like just yesterday we started out..." . And, yeh- look how far we've come!!!


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