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        "Songs to make you feel good- or, make you think"      


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 Website created- June, 2009


            The music featured here covers a range from Country to Pop- with a little Rock thrown in for good measure and (of course) just a touch of Blues. One thing I have  never claimed to be- and that’s the world’s most “fluid” guitar player. And vocally, I can hold my own- but it’s all “passable with caution” (guess that’s 2 things- but who’s counting?) What it’s all about is really just the music.


            For a little musical background- I grew up on the Prairies of Canada, and was always being exposed to varying musical styles. Dad was the big “Wilf Carter/Hank Snow” fan, older siblings were in to The Byrds, Don Mclean, CCR and some later Beatles. I just kind of went with the flow- liking a little of everything, but while young not having a taste for traditional Country AT ALL. Ironic, that- ‘cause I’ve learned through listening to critiques of my writing and singing styles that somewhere along the way, Country did make more of an impact than I thought. I try to keep the doors open, though, so others musical styles slip through.


            Biggest regret- not taking up playing music till into my 30’s (and then, only because of the best anniversary gift I could have been given by my wife, Jay- a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar, and a book to learn how to play it). Provisional gift, that- I could keep it if I could play her a song by our next anniversary. She expected “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”- instead she got “Love Is What You Make It”, which was the first song I actually wrote with a musical instrument. Finally got a half-way decent demo of it worked up, and it's now posted in the "Archives". It wasn’t the first song I wrote, though. Writing music was going on in my head since my pre-teenage years, with some occasional showcasing of the melodies to family and friends (after a little persuasion). Hopefully, you’ll agree that I’ve come a ways with that, to the point I’ve felt comfortable posting up some of my original music on varying sites online such as Facebook, MySpace, RawRip,, and even my SAC (Songwriters Association of Canada) profile, with some encouraging- and helpful- response as a result. Tally to date is 80-plus songs complete (with more always in the works), and 20-plus of them having been submitted to the SAC Song Vault.


            Not being a mainstay on the performing scene- and kind of at a bit of a crossroads of trying to figure out where these musical musings fit in- this site is an attempt to reach out. I welcome input- I welcome interest. The music does have a place, I feel- and if you see where that might be, check in with me. I’ll be blogging my musical progress, and will not ignore any serious inquiries or instructive comments posted up. I've always said: "I'm a work in progress- but, enjoying the ride".


Later- Denny.

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