Here we go. You'll find the songs sampled on this page have been worked up using some basic recording equipment- Sony's Acid Music Record Studio (includes any drum loops and  effects used), an M-Audio Fast Track input unit, an old Shure microphone, and (musically) one of 4 guitars- an old Strat-copy electric, my Washburn electric, my Yamaha acoustic and my Oscar Schmidt acoustic-electric. Oh, yeah- and my old Acer laptop. The rest- for better, or worse- is all me, "warts and all". 

The songs have been worked up over time, with some being current items (2009 to the present "vintage") and some going back a few years. And some I'll be including are from a 2004 unreleased demo disk that had some input musically from Brian Clark of "Not In Service" (Winnipeg, MB). It was more bare-bones, but was a lot of fun. 

Also (and straight-up on this) my expertise at songwriting is all from a learning curve of spending time with good friends who can play circles around me, but were extremely helpful when it came down to different aspects of composition, chord structure, time-signatures, tempo, and even what works- and what doesn't work- musically. I do not read or write musical notation, but have found I can still create something musically that makes sense- and I'm always working the writing process to find a way to express themes/ideas/experiences that mean something to me, and hopefully have value to others as well. Stay tuned, and some of what comes out of the process will wind up here- sooner, or later.



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