Indigo Days.mp3

Had to think back to when I wrote this one- and in going through my files, I realize that (unlike many of my songs) I seem to have never kept the original handwritten lyrics. Only file copy I have is the original typed lyrics- and even weirder is that I've never redone them with the chords included.!!! They date back to somewhere around 1995, but I worked up the posted version a few years ago. Indigo is a deep shade of blue, and fits well with how sometimes we really feel the blues- but something can always get us past them. Maybe something we love- maybe someone we love. Whatever it is, it's worth working for.


To the right is an early version of the song. I can only date it to somewhere between 1996 and 2000, around the time I started tinkering with my Fast track unit and Ableton Live 4. Don't forget to pause the above player before starting the older version.  

Indigo Days early version.mp3

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