Love Is What You Make It.mp3

 Here it is- not perfect, but a fairly acceptable demo of my first song written with a musical instrument. 1995, or there abouts (I think?). Simple melody and chord changes, as I was just learning how to string chords together at the time. Also, no bridge- but then when I thought about adding one, I realized it would be a forced matter. This was written to sound like this, and makes a nice walk down memory lane.

In checking around, I did find an early cassette recording of this song- but am not able at present to include it here. This is a version from 2006 that's similar, done on the computer- and it does showcase how the song kinda sounded to me when I first wrote it in 1995. Again- as a reminder- don't forget to pause the version above before playing this version.

Love Is What You Make It- 2006.mp3

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