April 19, 2009 was a hard day for my family. Lost their grandfather- my father-in-law, Clary Perry- a little over a week after having a massive stroke. My wife and I had been there all night, and were there with him- unfortunately alone- as things happened so fast that others couldn't make it in time. And I felt bad about it- and sad, knowing what they'd lost. Next day, I had to get it out of my system. So, I wrote about it. It's the song "Not Enough Time"- written primarily for my mother-in-law Marie, but I sent a rough sample via email to all the family. It deserved better, so I worked up a more complete version with an added bridge and have it posted up on my My Space and Rawrip profile pages. And someday... I'll do it justice and get a more professional version done.
 Later- Denny.