Learning the basics of guitar was- and always is- interesting. Remember what it was like? That first time you tried to stretch your fingers around a fret board, and you swore you could NEVER play anything with your hand like that. And then- one day- you caught yourself with the fret board nicely nestled in the palm of your hand, and you slid down to a few choice barre chords, and something amazing happened- "Music". I remember one question a good friend Val Hohn ("Mandingo Drive") put to me early in the learning process. He asked: "When you first pick up the guitar, what do you play?" I tried to think about what I usually played, but didn't get the point."No- I mean what's the first NOTE you strum, or play?" That was a little easier- I almost always strummed an open "D". His response? "Everbody does that. That's your 'comfort zone'- where you feel most comfortable playing. Get to know that zone, and the rest will fill in- in time." He's right. When I'm working chords on a song, I almost always start in a range of chords revolving around an open "D", then use a capo to bring it to a comfortable range for my voice- THEN, I'll work on the final chord structure. And if I can't make it work (and that does happen, from time to time), then back to square one and start it over. When that comfort zone stretched from an "A" through every major open chord to a "G", I finally realized:"You know what? I can actually do this. I can bring this musical idea to life- and it doesn't sound half bad". Not bad for a middle-age self-taught guitar player. (Now, where was that Dm7- or, was it an A6?) 
Later- Denny.