Tried out a few songwriting competitions in the last couple of years- just to see what would happen, although not expecting much. So... no disappointments when nothing happened. And that's okay. But since then, I've had a couple of messages via my MySpace site, offering to include a song of MINE in some musical package- you know, for promotional purposes. get the music out there, etc... Although they seem legit, I'm left wondering if the music is their real interest- or are they just a self-perpetuating machine fueled by the average Joe who (like me) wonders where to take the music to move it forward? And there's always a monetary catch- entry fee, promo fee, purchase fee, etc... You've got to figure that the only sure thing is the cost- not the end result. Frankly speaking, this website is fueled by tons of web "freebies", with the only real cost being to register and maintain the domain name on a year-over-year basis. And to me- at this point- that means I can showcase in a fairly adequate manner what my music is all about. And somewhat surprisingly, my up and running web pages that run without cost (Myspace/ and even, through my Sony Acid Music software) have garnered a fair amount of interest. Don't want to bite the bullet quite yet and move into commercial recordings of the songs, but at least I feel good about getting them out there at all- and that's something.
Later- Denny.