Been producing some home demo's of songs I've posted up here and on my other music sites. That includes the one I'm linked up to via Acid Planet- a site Sony manages to showcase the product produced musically by singer/songwriters covering a real range of styles. It's accessed direct from my Sony Acid Music Studio program so that- when you've finished a mix of a song- you can just link up and post it, with the aim of getting reviews from members. Took a couple of months but- got some reviews on a couple of songs, and am pleased with the response. Good thing is that- once you have had a song reviewed- it's eligible to be included in their rating system to chart the song's popularity. Needs a regular feed of reviews to keep it high up on their list, but as of the last week I have TWO songs in their top 10 for the Country catagory- "When Love Has Found You" at #7 and "Sometimes (Wishing)" at #1!!! Just showcasing the music- but, nice to finally hear some specific feedback. Will be interesting to track how it goes.
Later- Denny.